5 Best Birthday Party Themes for Children
18 November

5 Best Birthday Party Themes for Children

Planning a birthday party for your child is quite challenging because every child has their own fantasies about celebrating their birthday. To make your work easy I have listed some of the cool themes that can make your child’s birthday special.

  1. Marvels


As we all know Marvels have become popular for more than a decade now. You can have a marvel theme for your child’s birthday. Arrange for marvel costumes for the invitees, both parents and children and ask them to dress up as their favorite character. You can have standees of all the marvel characters on a stage where they could click pictures with their favorite marvels. 

Next, you can have a Marvel theme cake with the characters printed on it.  And have different color cupcakes, each color resembling each character. This theme will make your child happy for sure.

  1. Space

A space theme party could be very interesting for your child. It can be done either outdoors or indoors. Outdoors you can have a party in your backyard garden or rent a place with a garden. You can throw the outdoor party at night under the stars. Decorate your garden with fairy lights, set up a rocket-like structure where children could go and play in and set up a standee of an astronaut.

In the indoors, you can set up a space capsule. You can set up a dark room with blue or sky colors and have fluorescent or glowing stickers of galaxy and stars stuck on the walls of the room which will give a feel of being in the space. And finally,  spacecraft cake would be the cherry on top. 

  1. Pirates

best birthday party

When you think of pirates the first thing would come to anyone’s mind is the most popular character, Jack Sparrow. Keep a dress code of the legend character Jack Sparrow for both parents and children. Plan for some treasure hunt games, get a magician and have the cake of pirate island or a pirate ship.

  1. Circus

A circus theme is the most common and popular one which will never go out of style and your children will never stop loving it. A classic circus theme will never be complete without a magician and a clown. But we could add a little more to it. Set up tents with a fortune teller, let the kids know what they would become in the future. Put a circus tent on the venue, decorate it with led bulbs of different colors. And finally, make the birthday cake in the shape of a circus tent with figurines hanging around it.

  1. Art attack

Every child is talented but art is every child’s favorite thing to do. Let your child get messier with the paints and colors on his/ her birthday. An art attack theme could bring out the child in the parents as well. Give them blank canvases and colors and let them paint their imaginations onto the canvas. Decorate the venue with paintings and artworks. Last but not least, let the cake be colorful.

Now, make your kid’s fantasy birthday party turn into reality without many efforts with Party Creations. We will make your child’s birthday a special one. Contact us to know more.